Update from Pam in Greece

Pam Thompson, daughter of Marie Thompson, is currently in Greece serving with A21. A21 exists to abolish injustice in the 21st Century. They are doing great things in helping girls who have been trafficked. You can learn more about A21 here.

Pam sent us this update over the weekend, and I wanted to share it with all of you.


“I hope this finds you both well! I am in Greece and wanted to keep you guys updated on how I am doing!

Needless to say I arrived safe and sound, and have been adjusting into living and driving in Greece. It is an experience in itself. Here are some of my experiences so far.

Moving and my flight:

-I moved my stuff to a friends a few days before flying out, however moved out the same day I flew, this was a bit stressful but all was okay in the end, thanks to friends who have the rest of my stuff that wouldn’t fit in my suitcase!

-I have never flown British Airways, and this was a new type of experience. They don’t have people on the help lines that work for BA, so the answer to my questions about baggage allowance and weight were wrong…lucky for me I had a nice lady at the counter who let me repack all my bags allowing 24 kilos instead of 23- such grace! 🙂 but I didn’ t have to pay the additional 40 pounds sterling per bag! 🙂


– you can’t flush toilet paper- I will spare you details of this adventure

-the toilets don’t have locks here, again, I will spare you details!

-there are many stray cats and dogs here, the dogs actually seem to know how to cross the roads

-driving here is such a delight…okay, I shouldn’t lie…seriously, I thought London had narrow lanes, the lanes here start off wide, but then people double park, leaving their phone number so the person blocked in can phone to let them know they need out. . .

-people here actually don’t stand in line, they will go right in front of you…. this tests ones patience, grace and love for fellow mankind… having said that, people also let you through in the shop line, if you have fewer items then them…so that was a lovely surprise!

-the Greek language is a difficult one to learn, translate and speak. . . i think i can, i think i can, i think i can!

I am loving working with the girls and finding new ways to communicate without language. I am helping with whatever I can regarding fundraising and awareness campaigns here so I am staying busy. and also teaching the girls about their image, which is my cup of tea!

Your finance is being put to good use… I am living with less expenses then I anticipated, so will be able to fill needs as we go along which is absolutely amazing. The funds will go towards items needed for the girls to feel valued, loved, treasured and to live with dignity. There are times, I still don’t believe that I am here, living my dream of being a part of these peoples lives. There is such a huge need, and many more people to reach out to and impact with God’s love and grace.

Prayer points:

-for the girls yet to be rescued, in our care and ones who have been reintroduced back into society

-ongoing opportunities for prevention and education about human trafficking so less people become victims of this hell on earth

-taxi drivers that we provided education to about human trafficking and our local hotline to phone if they have seen anything suspicious

-culture change- as written in my friends blog, prostitutes are seen as necessities in this culture and that ‘human trafficking doesn’t happen here’, for us to have open doors to present this information to the people living here in order to increase awareness and decrease service users mentality of the girls want to be doing this.

I will be keep you posted as I am able…. please feel free to email me! (pamtompson@yahoo.com)”


I, Alicia, encourage you to pray for the work that is happening in Greece. The more I learn about human trafficking, the more alarmed I am! I am thankful for organizations like A21and people like Pam who work on the front lines fighting for justice.