Special Combined Easter Service and Celebration!

Let me tell you some things about our Church.

We Love God.  We believe Worship is central to the Christian life.  Sunday worship merely sets the tone for worship in all things we do.

We Love each other.  To be sure we aren’t always the most lovable people (the pastor is writing this and is happy to say he fits this at times  more often than he wants to admit).  But loving each other when it hurts is important.

We love our city.  We want to reach out to our community with the same kind of grace and love that we believe God has shown us.

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These three things being important to us, we want to have a combined worship celebration on Easter Sunday and invite all of our neighbors and friends to join us for an egg hunt and a brunch.

We will have a kid friendly morning finished off with a worship service of the Risen Jesus.

If you are reading this and you don’t currently have a church home – we would love for you to join us on Easter Sunday!

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