Song Of Solomon Sermon Series

Starting on March 1 we are launching a four week series on the Song of Solomon.  The culture around us tells us a lot about sex and dating.  The Bible actually speaks in beautiful and poetic detail on the topic of sex.

The Church? Not as much.

The Bible teaches us that sex is great, beautiful, and even dare I say it? FUN!

But oddly, this wonderful thing is also one of the most deeply damaging things we can engage in.  I think it would be difficult to find a 20 year old living in our culture who has not been deeply wounded by sexuality – their own or someone else’s.  We are wounded by our own engagement in sexual behavior – alone or with partners.  We are wounded by exploitation.  We are wounded by words we hear either intended to harm or taken out of context.

So for the next few weeks we will study the Song of Solomon and learn what the Bible says about sex.  Along the way we will not only find direction, but most importantly we will find healing.

I urge you to bring your wounds, scars and mistakes to church for the next few weeks.  Bring your whole being to church with you and let’s discover how the gospel transforms our sexuality.

solomon series image

Sundays 9:15 and 11