Sermon discussion and reflection questions Romans 1:1-17

Our text this week is Romans 1:1-17 This is Paul’s own introduction to his letter. He emphasizes some key things here that are going to be important later in the letter.

Those key things are the Gospel or “good news,” the “obedience of faith”, and “salvation.”

What makes the promise of God fulfilled in the life death and resurrection of Jesus “good news”  Why is it good news to you?  Give examples.

Read Isaiah 9:7

What are some of the benefits of a great government?  Why can we hope in that?  Contrast our hope for a great government with hope in American Politics.

What area of Justice can you hope will be addressed by Christ?

Define “Obedience of faith.”

Which comes first, faith or obedience?

Why is this “good news?”

How can faith shape obedience?  Give some practical/ real world examples.

What is salvation?

Why do you think God offers us Salvation in the first place?