See you this summer!

I love Bismarck.  I love everything about it.  I won’t lie, I prefer colder weather.  I like it when the weeds in my yard are frozen and the grass doesn’t need to be cut.  I like the fireplace and snuggling in bed with my wife when it’s snowing outside.

But because our winters can be a little long, I also love that we take a break in the summers.  I love that we feel the freedom to pile up vacation days and we know how to relax on the river.

This is good and important and useful.

But I also want to encourage us to try to make it to church when we are in town.

Contrary to what you might think, it isn’t because I think my voice is so important that you should hear it more.  (Sure I won’t lie, my pride may try to tempt me to believe that sometimes, but by God’s grace at work in me I fight against it.)

The real reason I want to encourage you to make when you can is because we need each other.

There is an old song about summer vacation that says “I’ll see you in September, or lose you to a summer love.”

There is also an old hymn where we sing that our hearts are “wandering hearts.”

When we fail to connect to Christ and his community as much as we can the fact is our hearts really are prone to wander.

Please enjoy your summer, but also try to connect when you can to Christ and to his community.

We certainly don’t want to lose you to a summer love.

Here’s praying for a safe, relaxing, Christ glorifying summer filled with family, sun, fun and community.

Sunday Service is at 10 AM starting June 5th.  Be watching because there is talk of a family community hour starting at 9 for anyone who would like to join us.