By Patty M, YWAM Missionary

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

It’s always fun to go back to my home congregation (Bismarck Community Church) and see the smiling faces of so many friends. I have so many memories with these people. They are the ones I grew up with as a new believer, at age 24.

This past August, on a Sunday morning, I had the privilege of sharing about my missions work with my BCC family. Afterwards, as always some of us shared a meal together. It was a perfect day to share about missions because some from the congregation were going to McLaughlin, SD that afternoon in order to do mission work. I had the honor of going along with them. I found out that others had gone earlier in the day to prepare breakfast and join the service at the Freedom Fellowship church.

A back to school party was planned for the afternoon, for the children living in the area. Many of these children are neglected, malnourished, etc. leaving them craving attention and love. The work being done through Freedom Fellowship is a laboring task and help is needed. I love the fact that other congregations are making the trip at various times to help make a difference there and to lift up the arms of the Schmeichel family, who have diligently followed the Lord’s call to labor in that community.

I thought we were going there to help with a program set up by Freedom Fellowship. I was surprised and blessed to find out that the “Back to School” carnival was planned and going to be run by the people of BCC.

Another surprise awaited me. I watched as children, teens, young adults, seniors, moms and dads, and whole families came into the church building to help. They were all from BCC! I counted 32 people total running the carnival and giving out hugs and balloons. I actually found myself roaming around trying to find where I could help because there were so many people loving on those kids. What a statement to those children in McLaughlin. It said loud and clear. “You are important to the Lord and to us.”

Thank you BCC for giving to the Lord through your missions minded community.