Information on the Budget Meeting May 15th

In our church we bring the annual budget to the congregation every Spring and ask YOU to support it (or suggest changes if you wish) this is a congregational decision.  The reason this is a congregational decision is that these dollars come out of YOUR pockets.  We are committed to faithfully stewarding the resources that God leads you to give to us.

In this past year we have been forced to cut many of these expenses.  This coming year we have trimmed the budget a little bit in response.  However we will still need YOU the congregation of BCC to give more money in the coming year than you gave last year to make this budget work.  By giving you this budget we are faithfully believing that you will do this. 

The entire consistory (leadership board) is in agreement that we do not have a budgeting problem.  In other words we do not think that we are asking you to give more than you are able to give.  We actually believe that as a church we have a giving problem.  This is not unusual nor is it something we should feel shame or guilt about.  It is merely that our money follows our hearts.

Jesus said that our treasure (the things we love) will follow our money.  The corollary is also true – our money will follow our treasure.  Our goal as leaders of BCC is NOT to get more money, it isn’t even first and foremost to meet the budget this year.  Our primary goal is to help you love the lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength.  This is discipleship, this is the Christian life.

On May 15th at 10:15 AM we will have a congregational meeting to review this year’s upcoming budget.  One of the things we will be asking is for you to choose to support this budget by trying to give an additional $40 per month to BCC. I suspect there are those who may feel led to give more and others who are already doing all they can, but if this can be corrected it would make up the difference that we need to meet budget.  Far more importantly it would help you to personally love the kingdom of God more than this world.

Please join us at this meeting to hear this perspective and to voice your opinion on our upcoming budget.

The expenses we plan to have:

Operating Expenses – 63, 906.88

Program Expenses – 20,600

Outreach and Mission Expenses 64,000

Personnel Expenses – 278,584.29

Capital Expenses – 6,800

Total income required: 433, 891.17

We will see you May 15th at 10:15