Easter is Here!

Easter is truly one of my favorite times of year. Not being a huge fan of cold weather, spring is a great season. Where I grew up, Easter was always a sign of spring, even when it fell in March – especially when it fell in March!

But even if the winter should hold on a bit longer, Easter is still a sign of spring because it is a sign of new life. Some people might argue that we don’t actually know the true date of the resurrection of Christ because the early church altered the dates to coincide with tradition in their culture. This is true, but it only strengthens the point of Easter by celebrating his resurrection in a season when flowers are blooming and new life is sprouting up from a ground that was cold and dead not long ago.

For centuries humanity hung on to a promise. A promise made to Adam and Eve that despite the death they witnessed (like the very first bloodshed to cover their nakedness), life would be restored.

Death would be defeated.

Easter Sunday is the fulfillment of the very first promise ever made. Death is dying. Jesus Christ has risen and death is no longer the master.
Just as the sun can bring life to a ground that was frozen and dead, the God who made us can bring life where there was only death.

He keeps his promises. Jesus is alive. Death is dying. The God we serve has done this. He keeps his promises in ways that are unimaginable. And the best is yet to come.

Jesus, you are alive! You defeated death and all my other enemies shake before you. Help me to understand how significant that truth is in my life and let it change me.

Note: — As I wrote this I kept thinking of this song. This is one of my favorites artistically, creatively, musically, and meaningfully.