Discussion from Sunday Nov 13

We looked at two different texts this week and essentially two different sermons, but there was one constant.  Love is messy.  First we looked at John 15, where we are told to “abide” in Christ.  We talked about the reality that we are already truly in Christ, but our reality motivates our behavior.  We also talked about the Birth of Samson and how we often want rules and guidelines, but God wants us to worship him and do the messy thing that is often loving when it is hard.


1) what are some times you have found it difficult to love others either in or outside of the church?

2) someone tell of a time you have sacrificed yourself to love another, did you see God change you in that?

3) What are some ways that your group might seek to make a difference in our culture of fighting and arguing (pipeline protests, political disputes, etc) that will help demonstrate that the church is different?