Canceling mid-week services

Hi, this is pastor Jared.  I don’t like canceling stuff.  But many of the volunteers who teach and disciple our children on Wednesday nights live out of town.  Travel is difficult and I really want everyone to be safe.

So, we are canceling tonight’s service.  But there is one thing I really want you to consider.

You just got a night off! Your weeks are crazy, your commitments are overwhelming, this is December.  December is  always busy.

Take advantage of your time off!  Your whole family will be home.  There are not other plans.

Check out an advent calendar together.

Take a look at some of the ways you can reclaim Christmas and choose something you can do as a family.

Spend some time together as a family and discuss the gospel.  Perhaps even open up the Book of Habakkuk and ask the question: How is this related to advent?

Have a wonderful night!  And enjoy some time with family and teaching your own kids.

Be safe!