Be a Man


Manliness is something few of us fellas can actually even begin to understand.

Our gut reaction is to think it is toughness, strength, what some would call machismo.

One of the most productive, and gut wrenchingly stern dudes who ever lived once said that it was in his weakness that he was made strong. (this guy wrote most of the New Testament).

Basically, this principle turns everything we think we know on it’s head.

We think “do better, try harder, be strong, buck up, be tough.”

The gospel tells us, you aren’t good enough, stop trying, you’re weak, get on your knees, be broken.

True manhood begins with an acceptance that you are not everything you think you should be. Acknowledging our weaknesses and shortcomings, and yet committing that we will obey the call of Jesus on our lives to be men who lead authentically with their brokenness in front of them.

Deep down we know we aren’t enough. We are all painfully aware of it. But the gospel sets us free from hiding from that reality and allows us to use it to be transformed and become the men we want to be.