Why a Little Theology is a good thing

Sometimes we tend to disregard theology and doctrine. I have heard people say things like “Just let me love Jesus and leave me alone with all that scholarly nonsense.”


The thing is, I absolutely understand it, and I know why people feel that way.

So many who love doctrine love very little else.

People preach doctrine and truth as if doctrine and truth is the most important and ultimate thing in the universe. And often, these people’s position on truth is almost correct.

Here’s what they miss – doctrine and theology is not supposed to be a truth to be agreed with or argued about.

Doctrine and theology is how we come to know more about the person, work, and teachings of the King and warrior we love – Jesus.

You want to know Jesus? You must know some theology. You want to be right? STOP trying to be right and get to know Jesus instead, he is a lot more fulfilling.

Theology is dangerous because often it becomes an end in itself. Knowing more than others is seductive.

But Theology is essential because our only hope in conquering and defeating sin in our daily lives is to know Jesus better. When we see him for who he is, following him becomes more desirable than pursuing sin.

Get to know Jesus, even if it takes a little theology.