Where is the power really?

Reading Psalm two reminds me of what I really think is important. It’s about power. Written in a time when civilizations went after one another regularly for access to wheat, land and water, this Psalm reminded the ancient people that whatever they THOUGHT was powerful, God was greater.

We can learn from that. We absolutely love celebrity gossip, political fiascos, and drama – they have the power to entertain. They are entertaining because they are based on fame and celebrity.

But true power, true fame is power and fame that lasts. Remember Vanilla Ice? He once had fame, now he’s a joke.

There is a reference in this Psalm to the redeemer, Jesus who came in humility and died in shame. But it says that his anger is easily kindled. His anger against all who vainly believe they are strong. He came once in humility, but we will come again in power.

Jesus, his fame lasts. His power is great than all others.

There is no one greater, no one who can accomplish what he has done. Rest in him, trust in him today instead of whatever other rulers promise to satisfy, and he (he alone) will give you rest.