What is Your Salvation For?

FLOWJoin us as we explore in depth how the gospel is related to love, work, order, wisdom, wonder and the church.

This seven part series will run from Jan 14th through Feb 25th at 6PM.  Please join us for these few weeks at the church to watch a twenty minute video and then engage in conversation about it.  I promise it could change the way you live your life.  Is it worth 7 nights?

Watch the trailer and then mark your calendar.

Some words from around the web.

The films are hilarious at times, tear-jerking at others, and they manage to dive deeply into theology and philosophy in a way that’s child-like, without being condescending or childish. In the end, though, I suppose the most remarkable thing was how the series helped me fall in love with the Gospel in a way that I hadn’t since that awesome spaceship-themed Vacation Bible School at Calvary Baptist Church when I was in fifth grade.

 We hope you’ll share this series in your small groups and Sunday school classes to help believers see how the same gospel that provides personal salvation also equips them as exiles in this world to nevertheless seek the common good.

In For the Life of the World, some of those artists have emerged. This is Christian popular culture that embodies theological and spiritual maturity—and childlike humility. I can only hope that many of us will indeed watch and learn. And that we will then give ourselves away, as skillfully, promptly, and sincerely as these filmmakers have done, for the life of the world.