What I am praying for

For the sake of BCC and her future I am praying for a few things.  There are individual prayers of course, people struggling with various sicknesses, relational struggles, family dynamics, etc.  But I want to share my larger prayers for the body of Christ at BCC.


1) conversion.  I believe there may be some of us whose hearts have not been fully submitted to the authority and supremacy of Jesus.  I hope this will always be true, that the unconverted will be among us.  I will always pray that people who come and join us each week will be converted by the overwhelming power of the Gospel.  May God bring you to your knees in submission and awe of his Glory and your own need.

2) relationships.  I believe there are many among us who are lonely.  Who need a friend.  I am praying that God will give you each other.  That he will push you into conversations you would not normally have and surprise you with friends you can share fun and prayer requests with.

3) depth. I am praying that we will be people who go far beyond the surface truths of Scripture but plumb its depths for the hope of knowing Jesus in all things.

4) People who ask hard questions.  One certain way to prevent depth is to allow us to stay on the surface.  How are you?  Good? Nice weather huh?  Yep.  I am praying that God will bring people into our midst who are willing to ask: How is your marriage?  What can I pray for for you?  What is your biggest struggle right now?

Will you join me in praying for these things for our church?  I long to see us grow.  These are prayers that I believe aim us there.  Join me.