Welcome Our Newest Staff Member

You know how much I love the Old Testament. There is a great story found in the too infrequently read pages of Haggai. The High Priest, Joshua, works closely with the Governor, Zerubbabel, to rebuild the temple of The Lord. If you read the story you will find an interesting relationship between these two men. One was what we might call the vision and idea man, and the other one was the implementation guy. God used both of them, with their different gifts and abilities to get his work done. And because they were able to work together for God’s glory above their own they accomplished something great that we still read about today!

For some time I have been sharing some of my struggles with the consistory regarding church administration. I have longed for a senior staff position to help implement some of our church discipleship goals, manage the staff, and help with some of the more significant aspects of organizational leadership that I am frankly not as good at and simply don’t have as much time to do.

At our last meeting, the consistory decided to bring on an Executive Elder for this role. This job is a spiritual leadership and organizational management position. I wanted someone I knew would complement the church leadership, and help us to move forward with the vision God is calling us to of reaching our community more effectively.

I am incredibly excited that we agreed to hire Troy Reno for this job. Troy has been a church member for more than a decade, he has served on various boards and leadership positions in the church including serving us as an Elder. His work background includes a great deal of management experience and top level organizational leadership. He is currently the director of our Ethiopia partnership and has done amazing things in that capacity.

Troy is a friend, he loves our church, and he is honest and self-sacrificial.

While I have absolutely no doubt that Troy will help Bismarck Community Church make great strides in the next phase of our mission to reach our community, I am most excited for the opportunity we have to share leadership. As I have said in recent sermons, true community requires self sacrifice, humility, mutual respect and love. Troy and I will have the opportunity to experience that together as we lead the church in this way. I have some exciting new ideas I look forward to seeing us implement over the next year or two, and Troy has the ability to help develop and shape those. Working together in this way will require both of us to learn what true community means. And our church will benefit greatly as a result.

BCC will benefit from what he offers, and I think will benefit from watching myself and Troy work together as we develop authentic community in front of the church we are calling to follow us down that messy yet fruitful path.

Please join me in praying for Troy and supporting him in his important new ministry!