Weekly Update

Happy Easter week!

I know we all have a million things going on, and I know our modern lives are distracted.

I saw somewhere recently that the average American adult has an 8 second attention span.  So if you’re still reading, congrats!  You’re above average!

This is the week that we remember what we call “the passion of Jesus.”  A heavily charged week that involves betrayal, sweating blood, weeping alone in a garden, subjecting himself to the will of God for the sake of restoring our brokenness and relieving our agony.

It also involves the shattering of death and the inauguration of a new era for humanity.

So I would invite you to take a look at what’s coming and plan to participate in some of it.

Good Friday Service
This service begins at 6PM on Friday night and should last about an hour.  I am hoping it will be a time of worship and understanding for us all.  Please try to come.

Easter Sunday
We will have some food items here at 10 AM along with some easter egg hunts and fun things for kids.  The highlight of our day together will begin at 11 when we worship the risen Christ please come and bring a friend.

May 3rd Rite of Passage
Wednesday night May 3rd we will be giving gifts to our upcoming 6th graders and to our outgoing seniors.  This is an important time in the life of these young people as they seek to learn who they are and decide who they will become.  Come and support them as we worship together.  (I also heard there would be some good dessert afterwards).

May 7 One Service
On this Sunday we will begin our summer worship schedule.  We will only have one service at 10 AM and it will be followed by a brief budget meeting and a potluck meal.  I hope you will come to hear about some of the exiting new ideas we have for the next year and celebrate the summer season with us!

May 12th-13th Marriage Conference
I hope you will consider participating in this one last event before the summer weather keeps us all outside for the next few months.  If you attend there will be plenty to discuss while you spend the rest of the summer on your back deck!

More details on many of these things will be coming.

Please keep an eye on the news and calendar sections of the MyBCC app!

I know not everyone can do everything, but many of us can do just a little bit more as we pursue faithfulness to the Lord who has come to restore us.

It’s not just about “doing the right thing”  it is about being what we were made to be.

See you soon!

Pastor Jared