Together 4 Bismarck

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At BCC we have emphasized foreign mission work.  We do a great deal on several continents through different partnerships to further the gospel.  But now it’s time to put a new emphasis on our local community.  We have a new giving campaign called “Together for Bismarck.”  This giving campaign is aimed primarily at shaping our local community.  Our mission is to

Be Loved: Understand the depths of the Grace of the Gospel of Jesus.

Go Deeper: Live out that grace in the context of community.

And Live it Out: Make a difference in our communities, neighborhoods, workplaces, and all other spheres of influence.

Money doesn’t solve everything.  It is primarily the relationships we are building with local ministry organizations, community groups, other churches and especially – PEOPLE – that will shape and change our community.   And to continue to do this the very best we can we are going to need enough money to enable us to work hard without worrying about keeping the lights on at our church, keeping our staff employed, as well as run the ministries we engage in outside the church walls.

Watch Pastor Jared discuss this campaign on the video at the end of this page.

If you are with us in this mission, we are asking you to help us.  You can set up regular giving online or give a one time donation.  It would be helpful if you set up a recurring monthly or bi-weekly gift so we would be able to budget more carefully.

Consider doing that right now and join us in this exciting new adventure of working “Together 4 Bismarck.”

See your online giving options by going here.