The Walking Dead

You’ve seen them, or at least the previews of them.

Zombie movies.

Every few years there is a new one, or a TV show that depicts these monstrosities of nature. A one time human moving around, with no rational behavior but to feed.

They can be scary, but there is also a lesson there for us.

While zombies aren’t real, and hopefully no freak of medical science will ever make such things happen, they are not entirely unlike the natural state of humans.

Paul explains in the first chapter of Romans what people are like because of the fall. First, people are hungry. They have desires that they want to satisfy. And second, they are selfish. No one else’s needs matter as much as their own.

Not only is this a bad way to interact with the world around us, it also causes destroyed relationships, insecurities, unhappiness, and ultimately death.

In order to understand Jesus, we need to understand ourselves. We may not like to see ourselves in this way – like zombies – but consider what you are like apart from Jesus.

You need comfort from a world that hurts you, you need security so it won’t happen again, you need relationships that will provide you with hope. You need a savior! Not just a savior to get to heaven, but a savior to save you from yourself.

As we prepare to welcome Jesus by celebrating Christmas, let’s remember just how much we need him every day.