The Gospel Changes Everything

Welcome to a new Sermon Series!  You might call this a “gospel primer.”  I have long said the gospel changes everything.

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Think about how bad news can change everything.  Everybody over 20 will probably remember what it felt like to watch the world trade center fall to the ground on live TV.  Everybody over 25 will understand what you mean if you say that this news fundamentally changed everything about the way we understand the world.

“Gospel” is an old english word for “good news.”  When you get really good news it has the same power to fundamentally change everything about the way you understand the world.  St. Paul was a guy who wrote a lot of the New Testament.  He used the phrase “live move and have our being” to describe our lives in light of the good news about Jesus and the new life he offers us.

In this series we will intentionally be exploring several topics addressed by this guy Paul.  We will ask two questions. First, what do we tend to think of this thing? And second, how does the gospel change this thing?

It is really important as we go about living the Christian life that we understand these fundamentals.

Over the last several months we have explored some big themes as we have learned about the big picture of God working in the world to change and redeem it.   The next couple of months we will be diving into the practical applications of gospel living and having our lives shaped and altered by this good news.

Join us Sundays at 9:15 or 11:00 to learn what it means that the Gospel Changes Everything.

You can listen to the sermons in this series here.