Texas YWAM Mission Trip Update

By Kaye Otteson, Mary Welte, & Yvonne Andrews

Thanks to BCC folks for your love gift to Patty M of $413!!  Patty was greatly blessed by the gift and also other missionaries’ smiles widened when they realized we came representing a church that has not forgotten missionaries.  (I honestly think that has become rare!)

One YWAM missionary's prayer

Our time in TX was spent: working in Patty’s yard; attending her ESL class and visiting with the multi-national students as part of their English training; working in the cafeteria to feed over 100 people; touring the YWAM base; attending worship with Paul Baloche; attending worship with the staff and students of Tyler YWAM(200+); laughing, eating and enjoying Patty and her missionary friends in her screened in porch; and being inspired by the work of the missionaries and God’s continuing presence in their lives!!

We were greatly blessed by the whole adventure and our being there was a blessing to Patty and fellow workers as well!  It was GOOD. Please continue to pray for Patty and fellow missionaries!  Also remember her need of your support in finances and in encouragement.  Cards and dishcloths in church foyer are sold to profit her.