Summer Service Changes

Remember Summer Service is at 10 AM.  Please come if you are in town.  Your church needs you!

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You can help us communicate these changes:


The nursery is still available for child birth through 2 years old during the service.

Kid’s Checkin and Dismissal.

Kids from 3-6 need to check in at the info desk WHEN YOU FIRST ARRIVE.  Then, please take them into worship with you.

Throughout the summer there will be a dismissal of children from ages 3-6 in the middle of the service.  This will allow you to teach your children the value of worship and still give them something to do during the sermon time.

Welcome Ministry and Coffee Time

Please continue to join us to welcome guests to our building and help communicate these things to them.  Then stay and get to know someone new following the service.

Remember, your church is your community.  Here you and your kids should find love, grace and acceptance.  Maybe you need to receive, maybe you need to give.  Help us be that community of grace throughout the summer.