So What’s Up with Jemo?

Three years ago Bismarck Community Church signed up to partner with a community in Ethiopia called “Jemo.”  There is a church serving that community.  The staff at that church sacrifice every day to love and serve the families in their congregation and in their community with the Love of Jesus.  This partnership works in several ways.


When we signed up we initially sponsored 150 children.  Through this sponsorship their whole family is fed and encouraged. The children’s chances of an education, healthcare, and a better future are significantly improved through this partnership.  After about 18 months, we added 50 children. And then a few months ago, we added another 50.  This means there are currently 40 children left without sponsor families.

Now don’t get me wrong, those 40 kids still get served by the community and loved by their church.  They still receive some access to the benefits of sponsorship.  But once these kids are sponsored, they – as well as the entire community will feel the extra help they are getting.  We don’t sponsor these kids so they can eat better for now.  We sponsor them so that the entire community can grow into economic sustainability, and so the church can lead the development of the community.  If you would like to sponsor a child follow this link.


The Banquet we are hosting on March 28th is designed to raise funds for the development of capital projects in the community.  Currently as many as three to four kids share desks and use third world facilities in a nearby school building.  We would like to help them build additional classrooms and up to date bathroom facilities.

Consider coming to the banquet to learn more about this project and about the partnership.  This is a fun evening, as well as an educational and productive time.  You can see the event on Facebook and learn more here.  

New Ministry Opportunities

There is something outrageously beautiful about believers in less developed countries.  Christians in Ethiopia aren’t cursed with the knowledge that the government has the power to make their lives more comfortable.  They see hunger more often than we do.  They see the ravages of treatable diseases in ways that we never do.  They see poverty all around them, and they run toward to call of God to make their world a better place.  They aren’t quite as enamored with comfort, safety and security as we Americans often are.

Every year we send a team over to learn from them.  These people have a great deal to teach us.  Sometimes in our western arrogance we think we have all the answers, but visiting with these wonderful, humble, generous brothers and sisters quickly helps us to understand that we have much to learn.

The outreach efforts of Bismarck Community Church have expanded because of the way we have been inspired by our brothers and sisters in another country. In June almost twenty people from Bismarck will be visiting and learning once again what it means to love.

Join us at the banquet on March 28th at 5:30 if you’d like to hear more about this life changing partnership.

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