Sermon Discusion Questions Romans Intro Sept 7

These questions can be used by small groups, families or individuals to GO Deeper.

text: Romans 15:18-29

What did Pastor Jared say were our goals for the study of Romans?

Do you remember why he said these were the goals, and how they relate to the book?

Why do you think Paul is so passionate about his mission?

Are there any things you admire about Paul?  Maybe that you don’t like about him?

Why do you think the situation in Rome at the time of the writing is important for understanding what the letter means to us today?

What do you think it would have been like to be a Christian in Rome when Paul wrote this letter?

Why is unity important in a church?

How can your group, or you as an individual work toward a greater sense of mission?  what are some specific things God might be calling you to do?

Is unity related to mission?  In what ways?