Send gifts to the Kids in Jemo!

This year the Jemo traveling team is heading to Ethiopia from June 8th-15th. It’s time to start preparing a package for the team to bring to your sponsored child. Our team is smaller this year, and we have more kids, so please follow directions carefully. All the packages must be at the BCC office by May 17th.

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1. Remove all packaging (including tape) from every item. This will save hours of time.
2. Write a short letter to your child. Each letter will be read to your child by a member
of the Jemo traveling team and then translated by Ethiopian Hope Chest or Jemo
3. Include a few pictures of your family. This is so important! Your child will be very sad
if you do not include a picture.
4. On the letter and back of each picture put your name, your child’s name and
reference number, the reference number will be ET400___. If you cannot find it, let us
know so we can help!
5. Include a shirt for your child. Please be mindful of what wording is on the shirt, plain
shirts are probably better. Select a size that equals the child’s age, unless you know
your child needs a different size.
6. Include 2 pens and 2 pencils of good quality. Also include 1 small pencil sharpener
and a small notebook.
7. Include a package of underwear.
8. Include 1 toothbrush, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 small bar of soap. Put the soap in a
small zip-lock bag.
9. Include 2 more items, choose 2 of the following based on gender and age:
Boys – Wind up flashlight (non-battery powered), sunglasses, a hacky sack or small
bouncy ball, 1 matchbox car, a small action figure, a small animal figure, or a jump
Girls – Hair accessory, small mirror, wind up flashlight (non-battery powered), stickers,
sunglasses or jump rope.

Place the items you have purchased into a large ziplock bag. Put your child’s name, reference number and your name on the outside of the ziplock bag.

If you would like to send money and have us shop for you, please mail the money for your child’s gift by May 10th to 1617 Michigan Ave. Bismarck, ND 58504 Attn: Jemo Care Packages. As of right now, we have 29 unsponsored kids. Each child at Jemo will receive a care package regardless of currently being sponsored or not. If you would like to sponsor a child you can do so at this website.

Questions? Please call 1-701-223-3304 or email

-The 2015 Jemo Traveling Team