Questions for reflection and Discussion Romans 3:21-4:25

Why according to 3:21-26 do you think God “put forward” Jesus? (there are a few correct answers according to the text.

One of the reasons was to show his righteousness (v21 and 26).  Why is it important to us that God be absolutely faultless?

Read this: The point of humanity is to enjoy the majesty of God.  Jesus died so that his people could enjoy him.  What do you think of this statement?  Do you think it it seems self-centered or loving?  why?

What is the basis of our right standing before God according to 4:23-25.

read this out loud:  The basis of our standing with our incomprehensibly majestic creator is nothing other than our belief that we have no claim whatsoever on his affections and that he chooses to love us and keep his promises.  In what ways might this be comforting?  In what ways could it be disturbing?

How can this truth help us to love God more deeply?

How can this truth help us to become more obedient?

How can this truth help us to love others the way we are called to?