Ping Pong!

I would like to introduce you to Landon and Sarah. Landon is our current Ignition ping pong champion (you can see him with him trophy) while Sarah came in 2nd place. We held our tournament this past Wednesday night, December 28, and had a blast. Our tournament was a double elimination format that had a total of 8 players. The sad part is, that picture doesn’t even come close to doing justice to how much fun was had. There was laughter, competitiveness, no crying, someone losing all their contacts on their cell phone (we still have no idea how that happened), and even a little bit of pain when we thought Sarah broke her toe on one of the table legs.

Our group is known as Ignition. We are for grades 7-12 and meet Wednesday nights from 6:10-7:45. I invite you to stay in touch with us by reading our blog and getting to know each of our amazing members even better!