Phil 1:1-2 Holy Servants Discussion Guide

This week we begin our study of the letter to the Philippian Church.  Paul’s most encouraging letter to any church included in the New Testament.  One of the major themes of this letter is that we are foreigners, citizens of God’s kingdom and the things that we love should be far different than the things valued by the kingdom we sojourn in.


We begin by a simple study of truths found in verse 1.  We are Holy (regardless of what we or others may think of us – Jesus makes us holy), and we are servants belonging to him.


1) How is it freeing to know that regardless of our personal choices Jesus alone makes us Holy?

2) In what ways can this truth help us to live more faithfully rather than less faithfully?

3) How does it shape your identity to say that we are not our own, but belong to the King of the universe?

– what are the struggles with accepting that?

– what are the benefits of believing that?

4) How do you fulfill your purpose as a “servant of Jesus” in your daily routine?