October Devotional Thought

By Ron Klein

Here in North Dakota valuable oil is only obtained by drilling through two miles of layer after layer of obstacles using the latest technology available.  (N.D. has recently moved to #2 in the USA behind Texas in oil production and, no, I don’t have any oil wells.)

An infinitely more important example of something that is highly valued and desperately needed is an eternal relationship with God.  In the same way that primitive mankind could not obtain the oil under North Dakota, a relationship with God is unobtainable by us spiritually primitive humans.  In fact, we are responsible for the layers of obstacles to a relationship with God.  The layers of  “hard-hearted” obstacles include pride, self-centeredness, distractions, lack of gratitude, unchecked desire, etc.

Perhaps the cross of Jesus could be compared to the oil-rig drill bit which drills through the condition of humanity.  It uncovers and makes available God Himself, in all His glory.  He is the One who drills through to us, and He does so at His expense (the Easter story).  Much more than the wound in a maple tree bleeds nutritional sap, much more than the wound in the earth bleeds oil for energy, Christ’s wounds give us health.  “By His wounds we are healed”. (Is. 53:5)  In faith we trust that the life-giving fluid of His love and Spirit is rising up in us, burning brightly for eternity in us.

Who would have thought that there is so much of something so old and valuable way down under the dry prairie soil?  Who would have thought that we who are ignorant and helpless and 1 of 7 billion humans can be a child of the God of the universe for all of eternity?  And that is the overwhelming point, a great Someone has thought of it and done it!  (I John 3:1)  This is the treasure Jesus speaks of.  (Matt. 6:19-21, 13:44)  “Through His poverty, we have become rich.”  (II Cor. 8:9)

***The Klein’s depart ND later this month.  They will return to their ministry in Mexico by November 1.