Nov. 2013 Klein Mission Update

Nov. 2013 Klein Mission Update

milking in mexico

latte                       The local “Starbucks” drive through on the highway!  Mix chocolate, instant coffee, alcohol and really fresh milk.  Just to give you an idea of some of the daily sites we see!

  Random comments:

Moses had his burning bush, and we have seen a burning coconut palm!  Lightening hit a palm tree and the coconuts were on fire several blocks from our church.

Carol, our greeter, could not wait to tell us about her baptism back in Wisconsin this summer.  Val, a last season’s worship team member addition, brought us bulletins from the churches that she checked out this summer back north, including the one that she settled into.

Some unique and adventurous folks attend church here.  For example, Linda, a  fairly new attendee, gave us a copy of her recently published autobiography.  She has been on quite a ride in her life!  Pat, a widower in his 80’s and legally blind, refuses to quit coming down to Mexico.  Steve from Oregon is planning a road trip through Central America, partly in order to visit a missionary.

“Oh yeah, now I remember,” is what I thought as one smells, feels, tastes, and touches 3rd world living conditions again.  We have made contact with some of the locals that we have helped in the past.  Marilyn, a missionary, has little opportunity to debrief, and thanked Nancy for listening.

Before we could get our storage building completed we had another break-in this summer and lost some things again.  Our stronger padlocks still weren’t strong enough.  The new building is progressing and looking great.

There are new car import rules that are creating some very time consuming hassles and several thousand dollars of expense to keep our vehicle legal.  Different government agencies are not coordinating their rules.   We are to  in person deal with 5 offices in 5 cities.  Governments everywhere throughout history!  Pharaoh in Egypt, Caesar in Rome, etc.

Your prayers, friendship and support are highly valued!

Ron and Nancy