I grew up hearing about missionaries.  Once in a while one would come and speak at our church.

In my mind missionaries were somehow “other.”  They were different and were called into a sacred duty.  They were called to take the gospel to the nether regions.

I still sort of believe that on one level deep down, but now I know better.

Mission is something each and every believer is called to, it’s just that we are led to it in different ways.  Some of us are called to sell everything and move to Mexico, others are called to work under florescent lights in an office space in America handling customer service complaints.

God calls each one of us to a place and a service to his kingdom.  We do our best to make the world around us better and help point people to the king and creator named Jesus.

The only thing that distinguishes us from others is how faithfully and passionately we work to fulfill the calling he has placed on each of us.  God is calling you to a great mission.  It might be across the ocean, but more than likely it is next door.  The mission he is calling you to is just as sacred as any other.  Grab the bull by the horns!

God, help me to fulfill the mission for my life, and give me the faith and perseverance to always follow wherever you lead me.