Kgroup Week of April 9

A few things you may want to discuss in Kgroup this week are the New City Catechism.  It was brought up on Sunday.  Read more and get the app here.

You may also want to begin to discuss your plans for summer. Weekly meetings may get a little bit harder.  Plan a few outdoor group activities.  Invite some friends to come!

Discussion from Phil 3:2-11

– What are some specific ways we are tempted to “put confidence in the flesh?”

– How do we accidentally teach these to our children?

– How are efforts to attain your dreams (seven steps to success, 42 things you need to know in order to…, etc.) the same as keeping rules so that God will love you?  And how are these worthless?

These next two are probably just one question

– Discuss Jesus:  why is knowing him REALLY of surpassing worth to all these things?  (convince each other)

– Why is being found in him, his righteousness, knowing him and the power of his resurrection superior to all else we could ever experience?  really – why?