July Devotional Thoughts

By Ron Klein

We can learn some things from placing ourselves in the position of the m.c. and groom who benefited from Jesus turning water into wine in John 2:1-11.  For one thing, they ran out of wine in the middle of their event.  All of us are human and have limitations.  We make mistakes in judgment.  We run out of energy, physically and spiritually finding our tank empty.  Paul’s way of describing us is as jars of earthen clay.  We crack and crumble and leak for multiple reasons.  However, jars of clay can experience the all-surpassing power of God!  (II Cor. 4:7)  Jesus performed His miracle using ordinary water.  Our very ordinary lives in very ordinary places can be transformed into the wine of rich life by Jesus.

            Another interesting lesson is that the banquet m.c. and the groom still were not aware of how they had been blessed after the blessing had taken place.  John 2:9 says the servants knew where the wine had come from.  Jesus had performed the miracle quietly “behind-the-scene.”  Each day you and I are sipping great wine in various ways while we are often unconscious of the Source of the wine.  We are recipients of multiple “behind-the-scene” miracles from God that we fail to recognize and thank God for. 

The ultimate “behind-the-scene” miracle on our behalf took place “behind-the-stone” rolled across Jesus’ borrowed tomb.  Even His resurrection was not a flashy public spectacle.  May we be blessed with awareness, gratitude, and the absence of the fear of running out of the wine of spiritual life.  May we be used by God behind-the scene of the world around us.