The Jemo Trip Team Hopes That. . .

Before we board our flight, I wanted to introduce our team!

Traveling with us will be:


She is 13.  A Child of the One True King, golden NOT blonde, irrepressible, and not afraid to fall!

Sierra is very excited to experience Ethiopia.  She has wanted to go so bad for so long.  This is her first trip so she does not know what to expect or hope for.


She is Sierra’s mom.  She also has 4 other children, 2 jobs, one dog, and is married to her high school sweetheart.

Alicia hopes to make all sorts of connections during this trip.  She hopes to see deep lasting relationships form between trip participants, the children at Jemo, the people in Ethiopia, and the people that support this project from the US. She hopes to bring home a lot of information to sponsors and return with a better understanding of Ethiopia and this project.  She also hopes to drink gallons of Ethiopian coffee!


Donna is Sierra’s Grandma and Alicia’s mom! Her days are spent at St Alexius Radiology Department.  Her evenings at their rural Bismarck home.

One of her hopes for this mission trip to Jemo is  – that when we leave Ethiopia, the people of Jemo will know that there are people in a place called BCC that love them, that care about their needs and that are family in Christ with them.  Also that people here will benefit from our being there.


Kristen is a blessed wife and mom to 5!  She considers herself to be pretty fortunate in that I’ve been able to spend her days working as a mom!!  As a matter of fact, a crazy homeschooling mom (her words not mine!)!

Her hope for this trip would be that whomever I encounter, that Christ’s love for them would shine brightly through me and that each person, young or old, could feel God’s warmth and open arms through a hug or smile shared!  She wants to love like Jesus!


Grant is 10 years old.  He is Kristen’s son!  He has 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers.  He loves to play guitar.  He has been to Ethiopia before but this is his first mission trip!

His hope for this trip is showing kids in Ethiopia I love them and care about them!


Ashlee is married to an awesome man and they are blessed with 2 wonderful kids.

Her hope for this trip is to observe and grow individually and as a church partnership body.  She is excited to form erelationships in Jemo and be able to share these with her friends and family in the states.


Fran retired from the Federal Government after 20 years in 1996.  She worked for the Departments of Commerce/Navy/Energy.  She will be retiring from Patterson Place in Bismarck, ND after almost 16 years on May 8th and will be starting my trip to Ethiopia on May 9th. God called me to be a missionary in Africa 48 years ago.  At that time, I gave Him excuses as to why I couldn’t go.  He has given me a second chance to answer His call with an affirmative.  Not everyone gets that second chance.  I am truly grateful.
For our Jemo trip, Fran hopes that that the kids and the adults will see Jesus through all of us and that what we do for the next 7-10 years will impact them for Jesus for generations to come.


Troy is blessed with a beautiful wife and three children, a son-in-law and two yellow labs.  He loves to spend time with his family, travel, hunt, fish, play golf, and hang out with young people.

On our trip to Ethiopia he hopes to see the beginning of a process that will transform the Jemo community, one relationship at a time, into a place that thrives due to God’s ever presence and great love.  Over time, he hopes that each child there will be given the opportunity to reach their God-given potential and become equipped to lead the next generation of Ethopians.  Lastly my hope is to see the loves of our mission team impacted in a way that will lead to deeper understanding of our wonderful Savior and a yearning to serve Him more passionately.


Jim is a follower of Jesus, husband to Chantalle, long distance runner, and coffee drinking enthusiast.

On our trip to Jemo, Jim hopes to encourage and further the partnership between the Jemo Church and Bismarck Community Church.  It’s going to be incredible to see all the 150 kids BCC sponsors.  He is looking forward to coming home and sharing stories about how God is working in the Jemo Community.  After the trip, he hopes to find a way to use the sport of running to raise money for a capitol project in Jemo (perhaps getting a deep clean water well drilled).

The rest of our team prefers to be a bit more anonymous!  But you can trust that we are all thrilled to be headed to Jemo.  It is a uniquely gifted and very diverse team – that God has called up to work together in a beautiful way  in the next 10 days!  We can not wait to share His stories with you soon!