Over the past few years, once a month, we’ve started having a Mission Focus Night on a particular Wednesday evening.  We’ve talked about different countries, local organizations, and participated in Operation Christmas Child.  We know these nights have not only impacted adults, but children as well.  Last week we had a few speakers come and share some personal stories as well as their knowledge about Guatemala.  Later in the week I had a mom of a Wednesday night 2nd grader share with me how impacted her child was after listening to these speakers.  A lot of time kids see or hear about something that “looks” like fun in the photos and that is why they would like to participate in the activity being shown.  I know that was not the case for this child.  You see, the pictures that were being shown were not ones that would appeal to most elementary aged kids.  There were no bouncy houses, or swimming pools, not much “fun” stuff was being shown or talked about.  What she did hear was how both of these people and their hearts have been transformed through an experience in another country. This little 8 year old child wants to help others, make others feel loved, and share the Gospel with the lost and broken.  That IMPACTS me!