Giving letter

We are sending out a letter this week (if you don’t receive it in the mail soon, be sure your info is up to date by filling out a contact card).  You can open the PDF document here if you would like.  But I am copying and pasting below as well:

Dear BCC family,

It’s been a busy year at our church, but also an incredibly good one. We are moving forward in our mission of engaging our community with service and relationships and more people are growing in personal discipleship and local ministry. Certainly we are doing a great deal with the resources God has given us.

But we also want to remind you that when our congregation met in April 2015 we set a budget for the current fiscal year. While we are not in any immediate financial danger, you may want to know that our total giving is about $40,000 behind what we anticipated.

As we said, we are in no immediate danger. This is because we are not doing as much as we are called to do.
I know this isn’t always the most exciting thing, but we need to improve our physical property. Most of our building is aging and needs improvements. The bathrooms need a makeover, and some of our exterior doors are beginning to fail. These are just an example of the things we simply have not taken care of because we don’t have the money to do so.

We are called to consider further outreach opportunities. It has long been proven that the most effective way to reach people with the gospel is through planting churches. It is time we begin to think about looking at properties in our area where we can create mission outposts where people can gather for worship. There is no church like ours in Mandan or Lincoln. Wouldn’t it be exciting if BCC were to give birth to more churches like ours? Not to mention the possibility of starting a church in North Bismarck!

We are convinced that God has a desire to see Bismarck Community Church expand and strategically reach into our community with more gospel centered places of worship.

We long to step into a deeper and more significant vision for our future.

But to do that we need to be reaching and even exceeding our budget. I know sometimes we don’t get as excited about things like facility maintenance as we do church planting. But both are essential to the mission that God is calling us to.

As you consider your year end giving, I hope you will keep in mind that this church can do more than we have ever done before to see the kingdom of God expand in the Bismarck Mandan area. Wouldn’t it be exciting if we were on target for our annual budget by the end of 2015? Your extra gifts will help us to do that.

Let’s come together to see the kingdom advance to the ends of Bismarck Mandan! Thanks for considering your church an important place for your treasure.

Jared Lee, Troy Reno, Tom Ault

Setting up online giving drastically improves your annual giving.  Please take a moment and click here to check out the easy ways you can give online.