Feb 1 Daily Rhythm

Psalm 74:1-3

O God, why do you cast us off forever? Why does your anger smoke against the sheep of your pasture? Remember your congregation, which you have purchased of old, which you have redeemed to be the tribe of your heritage! Remember Mount Zion, where you have dwelt. Direct your steps to the perpetual ruins; the enemy has destroyed everything in the sanctuary!

Dear God, Help us always remember that if life doesn’t go the way we want, you STILL love us. We can be tempted to forget. We can be inclined to allow our circumstances to be a thermometer of your love for us. Forgive our frail and trembling hearts. Give us courage today.

Psalm 74:4—8

Your foes have roared in the midst of your meeting place; they set up their own signs for signs. They were like those who swing axes in a forest of trees. And all its carved wood they broke down with hatchets and hammers. They set your sanctuary on fire; they profaned the dwelling place of your name, bringing it down to the ground. They said to themselves, “We will utterly subdue them”; they burned all the meeting places of God in the land.

God, help us to have your eyes. To see your foes as you do. People who give you lip service and then destroy your worship and mar your glory. Whether by anger, greed or violence all of us in some way mar your glory. Forgive us, and give us hearts that cry out for more of you and less of ourselves.

Psalm 74:9-11

We do not see our signs; there is no longer any prophet, and there is none among us who knows how long. How long, O God, is the foe to scoff? Is the enemy to revile your name forever? Why do you hold back your hand, your right hand? Take it from the fold of your garment and destroy them!

Oh Lord, you have many enemies. Their presence mocks your people. How LONG?? We cry out, Oh Lord How Long? Won’t you come quickly to set right what is broken, reveal your glory to those who mock and drop all flesh, faithful and rebellious, to our knees together.