Fall Sermon Series

romans banner

Paul, the author of this letter to a church he had never been to, wrote vividly of the gospel.  He showed how the history of God working in and through his people came to final climax in Jesus.  He spoke in great detail about the promises we have as people who are “in Christ.”

If we are to reach out with this good news of the coming of Christ.  If we are to live like people with a purpose.  If we are to be successful and push the mission of God forward in Bismarck.  We need to understand the book of Romans.

For twelve weeks in our study of Romans, we will be following the outline of the great study tool Romans: a 12 week study.  This would be a great resource to use personally as we study this book.  I encourage you to get your own copy right away.  This will help you to go deeper in our study.  You can use it in small groups or private study.