Fall, 2012 Klein Mexico Mission Update

(Our new worship center entrance)

Praise for:

–          We are looking forward to a season where facility replacement is not the major focus.  We also give praise that the building project established and deepened relationships.

–          Our core group appears to all be coming back intact.

–          We are living in our restored home in N. D. with major landscaping work in currently in process.


Intercede for:

–          A community fundraiser again for our service projects and we want to have community cultural awareness classes again since they were a big hit last winter.

–          That the Lord would bring a number of guests through the door, and that those guests become devoted followers of Jesus.    

–          Women’s breakfasts, prayer paths, other activities

–          Pastor Tom Ovington, a close friend of the church, who is currently ministering with Samaritan’s Purse in Bolivia.

–          Safe travel (around Nov. 1st) and a minimum of time-consuming and stress producing red tape issues.

                                                                                                               Ron and Nancy, Jane (a visitor from Kenya) and Pastor Tom Ovington


Recent and upcoming expenses include: more hymnals, Spanish/English Bibles, sound system monitor, stands and chords, new import sticker for our transportation, religious worker visa costs, more and better church-facility storage, and as always, the community service projects.

                                                                                           Grateful recipients of “dispensas” including basic food items such as rice, beans, oil, flour