Double your Jemo giving

You might have heard of the reclaiming Christmas Challenge. If not, read this. Then come back and hear the awesome news I am excited to share.

You back? Great!

Children’s Hopechest, the organization that we partner with in Jemo, has a donor that is matching everything given to Hopechest in the next month up to $25,000. This means, that if you want to send $150 per child that you sponsor to the Jemo health fund, if you give tomorrow, you will actually be sending $300.

Last year this happened and it helped us raise significantly more for jemo than we would have without the matching fund.

I would strongly encourage you, if you are thinking of giving to the Jemo Health fund this Christmas, to do so now and double your donation. The matching donation will most likely be used up by Wednesday, but if you mark an offering “Jemo Health fund” it will be doubled monday morning by a hopechest donor.

Thanks for loving our community and this community in Addis Ababa so well. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!