Discussion on Where is God after Las Vegas

On Sunday morning, we spoke about the question, where is God when tragedy strikes.  This is a fair question.  It is a question that Psalm 10 not only models for us, but I think much of the Bible honors us asking this.  Biblical Christianity doesn’t mean we shut up and take it, if it does the Psalm writers are poor examples of faithfulness.  They often ask “How Long, Oh Lord?” But Jesus enters into our pain.  We talked about how he entered into sorrow with tears and anger.  We talked about the example of the cross and the hope that we have even while we recognize the deep pain of living in a world that is just not right.

Lord Have Mercy.

Find a few friends or a K-Group and discuss these questions

– What are the comforts or struggles with knowing that Jesus is weeping when you weep? 

– Where we live in the story between redemption and restoration can be frustrating, in what ways is it frustrating how is it hopeful?

– How does the anger of Jesus at tragedy and death either comfort, surprise, or anger you?

– Can anyone think of a time in the past that Jesus has changed you for the better through suffering?

– What is Jesus calling to to let go of today?

– What is Jesus calling you to take on today?

– Take a few minutes and pray for those people who are still suffering and may suffer for life because of this tragedy.  Pray for them by name if you know them.  Pray that they will feel Jesus weeping with them, and hope that he will quickly bring His kingdom of justice to our broken lives.