Discussion of Phil 1:12-18 – For the Advancement of The Gospel

In this text we talked about the way we are made to live for the sake of the world and others and how the fall changed us.  Now, far too often we enter into our daily lives with “selfish ambition.”  We also talked about the ways that our pain and suffering can serve the advancement of the gospel.


– In what ways do you think we easily become selfish without noticing?

– Why is “Look out for number 1” a compelling motto?

– How do you think can Christians can subvert the way of the world by refusing to live that way?

– What is a time you have seen God show up in your pain?

– How can our suffering advance the gospel?

– Will someone in your group share a story during church of God meeting you in suffering?  Please let  Jared know.  Jared@bismarckcc.org