Discussion from the end of Daniel

We listed three traits of the antichrist from Daniel 11.  They were arrogance, refusal to submit to authority, and trusting in power.  Where do you see these played out in our church?  What about in yourself?

   Take a moment and pray, confessing these sins, and ask God to heal you, and us from these things.  

Does it frustrate you that Pastor Jared taught that the real point is to recognize traits of all “anti-Christ figures” and not so much to have a roadmap to the future?

Did anything about this sermon bother you?  What do you need to do in light of that? (you can always call). 🙂

Why do you think we become frustrated when we can’t understand an apparent contradiction like “God is in Control” and “Humans are responsible for their actions?”

Why is it helpful to us as creatures to rest humbly in the contradiction rather than try to answer the question?