Discovering Jesus Through Jemo

jemo 2013 team

Jemo 2013 Mission Team pictured with our original 150 sponsored children.

An Update on our Ethiopian Partnership
By Troy Reno

As I ponder back to September 9th, 2012, I remember being very nervous about launching our partnership with a small Christian community called Jemo.  After all, it was half way around the world in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  After all, as a church, we had never really immersed ourselves into such a large and unknown undertaking. I was not sure if our church of around 200 members could sponsor 150 children. I didn’t know if we could provide these children with proper nutrition, education and basic medical care.  Do they have clean water? Can we help provide them with clean water?  Can we make their community safe for travel, especially during the rainy season?  Is the Jemo church compound a safe place in general for the kids? All of these questions were rattling around in my head. Frankly, it was keeping me awake at night.

Fast forward one year.  Maybe I shouldn’t have worried so much.  Maybe I should’ve had more faith from the beginning.  Shouldn’t I know by now that God pulls off amazing feats with what seems like very little?  The feeding of the 5000 with five small barley loaves and two small fish comes to mind.  Maybe I am a slow learner, but I am learning.  I am learning to have more faith.  I am learning that God wants me to take more risks.  I am learning that one of the best ways to discover more about Jesus is to participate by being his hands and feet wherever there is need.  This past year our Jemo partnership has been nothing short of amazing thanks to the miraculous work God is doing through our congregation and others.

 Let’s review:

The above list is quite impressive.  It is filled with amazing accomplishments and future opportunities.  Judging by the list, it is hard to believe that only one year has passed since our Jemo partnership started.  But should it be that hard to believe?  Shouldn’t we all know better by now?  How many times have we all heard that anything is possible when we place our trust in God?  I truly believe that I and many others have more deeply experienced the spiritual workings of Jesus through the Jemo project.   Discovering Jesus is our theme this fall at Bismarck Community Church.  The Jemo partnership offers many opportunities to grow in our faith and to discover Jesus in whole new way.  I highly encourage everyone to get involved.