Not an easy subject in our culture.

Who wants to talk about that?? Doesn’t it share a root word with Discipline?

Let’s be honest for a second. What most of us really want is a Jesus who will forgive our sins, leave us alone, and let us into heaven.

That Jesus isn’t real. Nope, he doesn’t exist.

Instead Jesus says,

“take up your cross and follow me.”

“He who does not hate his mother and father, brothers and sisters cannot be my disciple.”

“Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

The Jesus we WANT to believe in is the one who just wants us to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. But the Jesus we actually have calls us to give up everything and follow him.

You may be thinking, “Pastor Jared, it’s that sort of news that gets churches closed.” On the contrary, it is that sort of news that radically transforms everything.

The Men of BCC are studying the book of Mark and looking for Discipleship. We want to learn what it means to give up everything to follow Jesus.

The Study is here the first and 3rd Thursday of the Month. Contact the church office for more information.