December update from Ron and Nancy

December 1, 2012 Klein Mission Report

Proof we are in Mexico! This iguana is ready to play some basketball!


RECENT LESSON LEARNED:  What is a good thing to do when frustrated and disappointed?  Answer: Worship for an hour.

On November 25th when we arrived to prepare for our morning service, we discovered that our storage trailer had been broken into and the sound system and TV were gone.  So we worshiped with what we had and forgot about what we didn’t have.  We found God’s peace in the midst of the emotional turmoil.

PRAISE:  There are so many things to be thankful for.  Peoples’ faith is growing.  People are bringing donations for the poor.  Hurting people are coming to church and volunteering to help others.  For some, new relationships are blossoming, replacing lost past relationships.  The Good News is being heard and understood.  Our attendance is slightly ahead of last year in spite of bad publicity and attrition.

PRAYER CONCERNS:  We recently toured a clinic and school for the indigenous poor.  As is often the case, more help is needed than we can provide.  Help us to discern that which we can do to help.  For example, $1000 per month covers the cost of food and a cook’s wages for 60 children.

There has been some violent crimes in the area.  Pray for law and order and an improving economy.

This year we went through some tedious extra steps to get our vehicle properly legalized.  Within two weeks of arriving, it was announced that the national system is being changed, so everything is in a state of confusion again.  Government costs for being here on a religious worker visa are now significantly higher.  Pray that we can find answers that work for our situation.