Christmas Greeting from Patty M

December 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

If I could have planned this year it would have gone pretty much the same as it went up until the end of October.  Certainly, I would have chosen to celebrate 10 years in missions with my friends and family in January.  Working hard to prepare myself for a trip to China in March would have stayed in the plan.  My new house purchase followed by friends coming from North Dakota would have happened just as it did.  Teaching a spring ESL school followed by a trip home and driving back to Texas with my sister would be included in the year.  The on thing i”d change would be that Kathy, my close friend and ESL school leader, would not have had major heart surgery on October 31st.  She definitely would not have had a stroke after the surgery, affecting her right side and leading to a month-long stay in the hospital.

However, through all this, I’m grateful to God for His promises.  Psalm 121 has struck me as I’ve been involved in Kathy’s care at the hospital and now at her home.  God our Father watches over us and He is our help.  Remembering His promises has given me faith and hope that He has been holding her at all times and through every circumstance.

I’ve learned so much form Kathy, too.  Her unwavering trust in the Lord has been evident the whole time she’s been dealing with pain, stress, and setbacks.  I’ve constantly heard her saying God is faithful and that He doesn’t owe her a thing.  she is so grateful for what He’s done in her life and has said many times, “No matter what happens, I belong to the Lord.”

I wouldn’t trade the opportunity I’ve had to be with my friend and to help her mom during these difficult days.  I have found that God’s grace truly is sufficient to me.  Although it could be a long road ahead for Kathy, she continues to improve.  Thanks to all of you who are praying for her.

My prayer is that we all have the revelation that Kathy has had: God truly is faithful!

Merry Christmas to all,



***My (Alicia’s) apology in publishing this late.