Celebrating God’s Incredible Faithfulness

No matter how you measure success, 2013 was an incredibly successful year in our partnership with Jemo.

Statistically speaking, we praise God for the following accomplishments:

Relationally speaking, this project has been equally blessed.  Though it takes funding to make projects happen, I believe that true change. . . lasting change comes in the form of relationships.  Through this project, I have personally witnessed God work in mighty ways in the hearts of many.  I have seen hope spring, and it is a beautiful sight to behold.

fran and the balloonsWhile I could site many examples of hope springing in and through Jemo, this photo is my favorite.  To me, it clearly shows the love and joy that is at the center of this partnership.  Fran, like many others, has been forever changed through this project.  These children, their families, and these children’s children are being forever changed by this project.  For Fran, and the rest of us westerners, change happens when we choose to give, to love, and to serve “the least of these.”  When we do – we learn that we are ALL “the least of these.”  God has so much to teach us through service, sacrifice, and simply following.  For the children, the change is coming in the things we take for granted – education, shoes, nutrition, Sunday School, safe roads on which to travel. . .

The funny thing is, after being at Jemo, I am certain that the changes that happen in “us” (the westerners) is so much deeper and richer than anything we provide to the children.  God is doing amazing things in the hearts and lives of those He is calling to this project.

His faithfulness toward this project is absolutely incredible.

It takes my breathe away and brings tears to my eyes.   Only God – ONLY GOD – could cause all of this to happen in such a short time.  Only God!

I thank you and praise you, Lord Jesus, for ALL you have done.  Great is Your faithfulness, Oh Lord.  Great is Your Faithfulness.

Written by Alicia Dietrich