Discovering Jesus: The provider and King

John 6:1-21


Jesus anticipates our needs



Jesus provides for our needs



Jesus conquers creation 




Discovery Questions

Read Matthew 5:1-12



1 – When Has Jesus met a need you have had?


2 – How does the understanding of Jesus as King change your daily life?


3 – What aspects of living in creation are frightening or scary?


4 – Does it help or hurt to think of Jesus as King of creation even when creation sometimes doesn’t treat us well?




1 -Think about upcoming holidays like thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas.  How can Jesus’s “Kingship” be recognized in these holidays?


2 – What is one behavior, mindset or belief you might want to change in light of these things?



Jesus, You are king and provider.  Help us to trust in that even when we are scared and continue to prove yourself to our doubting hearts.