An Update from Patty M.

Thank you for praying for my recent trip to Asia.
We had 38 eager to learn students.
We taught on the character of God and making disciples/influence.
These students came from all areas of the country.
It will be good for them to bring back all they learn to their communities.

The second part of our trip was in a different area.
We met with the department of education to set up a course to train English teachers.
We had dun giving them a sample of what we do with 20 teachers.
We are now waiting to hear from the department of education to see if they accept our desire to invest in these teachers this summer.
The teachers were very eager to learn.  I would love to invest in them.

The day after I returned to America I moved to my new home.
From the first night on it has felt so peaceful and right.
I’m so glad to have time to get settled before our next English school starts on April 1st.

Thank you again for all you do to further the Kingdom of God!

Patty M.